Wilson Darko

Being an active member of three campus organizations, the President of a special interest house and one of last month’s Campus Cuties, makes Wilson Darko the number candidate for this week’s Campus Celebrity.

What is your year and major?
I am a second Year Electrical Engineering major.

Where are you from?
I am from the Bronx, NY. But my family is from Ghana.

Why did you choose RIT?
I chose RIT because it was a new experience in many aspects. I t was going to give me a chance to grow in a new environment that I haven’t exp before.

What has been your favorite class so far?
Introduction to Sociology with Dr. Crawford.

What is your favorite thing about RIT?
The diversity in personalities. Not all art majors are a certain way… not all engineering majors are a certain way and people don’t clique up in terms of that.

What is your favorite place to eat at on Campus?
Brick City…that pesto mayo is the greatest thing ever.

In your own words what is Unity House?
Unity house is a special interest house that’s geared towards promoting social and academic success in its members. But for me Unity House is really defined by our motto: One House One Love One Family. And we try to emphasize that into everything we do. We try to make everyone well rounded in terms of you have some place to go to- a home away from home. But, you also have a group of people that challenge you to strive to be better. And I pride myself in that.

How did you get involved with Unity House?
Tribute- that’s like our marquee event- last year. I knew a few people from Unity House and they said it would be interesting to check out. I was a stage hand for Tribute, and just being there I saw a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. And I really liked the whole family oriented theme behind it and the way people worked together so well- they were open minded and understanding.

What made you want to be President of Unity House?
I knew the past president, he put in a lot of work and I admired that. I definitely knew I wanted to be on the e-board, then someone nominated me for President and I thought why not?

What are some things you’d like to accomplish both as the President of Unity House and at RIT in general?
As President of UHouse: I want Unity House I want to be on top of the map. I want our members to be involved in a plethora of things on campus. I want them to be on top of their academics, have a strong social life and they will be comfortable and confident in the things that they do. I want to establish the Unity House name more so that people can have an understanding of what we are about. And expand our reach to get those students that may fall under and feel like they don’t have somewhere to build them up confidence wise.
Personally: I want to build my understanding of what leadership. I have met with a lot of people who have made me understand it better. Strive to be the best that I can be.

What other clubs/Organizations are you involved in campus?
Organization for African students, National Society for Black Engineers, MCAS, and I don’t know if this counts but I go to No Voice Zone a lot.

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite Movie?
Inside Man.

What is your favorite color?

What is your dream job?
I would like to do something in Environment energy. So an engineer of renewable energy sources.

What is something that very few people know about you?
I am the middle child of five children.