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Original photo by Siti Ayeeshah

Beginner Plants To Start Your Plant-Loving Journey

I have become a hoarder of plants, and I’m truly not embarrassed about that. Plants bring so much necessary life into the man-made spaces we live and work in.

Taking good care of house plants is not always easy though. I have over 25 plants but I have lost a few here and there due to not properly keeping up on their various watering schedules, as well as not knowing their specific care needs. Each plant is different!

Starting out, I had a few of the basic, beginner houseplants most people know or at least have seen. Over time, I’ve worked my way up to have much bigger and more difficult plants to keep happy.

I think everyone should have a few plants in their space. Here are some of the easiest/most beginner plants that I have had the most success with to start you off on your plant-loving journey:

Snake Plant

I’ve had a few of these tough plants. They can really stand the most neglect I’ve seen out of any plants I’ve had. So if you’re worried you’ll take a while to get into the habit of regularly caring for your plants, get yourself a snake plant or two!

Pothos – “Devil’s Ivy”

This is the plant I have the most of. I have them all over my room. They are probably the easiest plant to propagate, too! You can start with one plant and end up with lots of them. They are a beautiful vining plant and they often enjoy a bit of drying out and neglect to keep them healthy, so if you forget to water them every once in a while, they are easily forgiving.

Spider Plant

This plant is not super particular about lighting, watering, or temperature. And even pops off little baby plants as it matures so you can easily remove and plant in soil to make a whole new plant!

Lucky Bamboo

One of my favorite plants! Lucky bamboo is so beautiful and unique and it can survive with quite poor conditions: bad lighting, iffy temperature, sporadic watering. Although, I will say that from experience, if you give this plant lots of proper love, it will thrive and become so incredible!

Dracaena Plants

This tropical-looking plant tolerates a variety of climates, although they do seem to prefer to be watered quite a bit more in the summer and less in the winter.

you can do it, too!

Plants are such a wonderful addition to any space. Information on plants can be found all over now; so easily accessible. Get a plant identification app and take a photo of whatever gorgeous plant you get and it will tell you everything you need to know: watering schedule, lighting requirements, fertilizing windows, the best environment for it, etc.

Here are two nice ones that I’ve used: https://greg.app/ and http://www.picturethisai.com/

So, go get yourself some plants and enjoy the light they bring into your life. :)

Natalie is a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Art and Design. She was a competitive dancer for most of her life as well as a musician and artist. She enjoys creating more than anything; art, designs, music, clothing (upcycling), writing, etc. Reading has always been one of her favorite activities and she loves to spend lots of time exploring in nature. Nat also finds most of her life answers after doing an intense yoga practice:) She is the Art/Design Director of RIT's HerCampus Chapter and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
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