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The 4 Best Crystals to Increase your academic Success

This past year, crystals and spirituality have seen a boom amongst the younger generation. As somebody who has been working with crystals for years, it is great to see more people wanting to learn and use them. One of my favorite ways to use crystals is in order to aid in my academics. So, here are my four favorite crystals to use for school.


Citrine is an orange or yellow crystal that is known for its ability to aid in focus and motivation. It is connected to the sacral chakra which allows it to aid you in creativity as well. Citrine comes from Madagascar and the Ural mountains of Russia. It is fairly common and should be easily located at your local crystal shop. Then, set your intentions and keep it on your desk or in your backpack for school.


Fluorite is a colorful stone that is valuable for improving memory and finding ones purpose. It is connected to the heart chakra and therefor helps you to find your passions and follow them. Fluorite comes from China and Mexico and was originally used by the Ancient Egyptians. Hold the stone in your hand during a test to help increase your memory or carry it with you to realize your true passions.


Carnelian as a reddish stone that has gained popularity recently for its abilities to improve confidence. But, it also aids in mental efficiency. It comes from India and is connected to the root and heart chakra. It is best used by being worn in jewelry but can also be carried in your pocket. Set your intentions and wear it to school to improve your social life or do better in class.


Obsidian is a common black stone used to aid in protection. It comes from volcanos and is extremely common. While this stone won't necessarily help you improve your grades, it will help ward off negative energy from you classmates and keep you in a good headspace. Carry this stone in you backpack or pocket on school days to save your positive energy.

Overall, any crystal can work for your goals if you set your intentions well, these are just my personal favorites. Be sure to cleanse your new crystals and charge them after extensive use.

Morrgan is a second year SOIS (School of Individualized Study) major at RIT. She has focuses in film, media, and journalism. She loves to write, watch movies, and listen to music.
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