Property of JACK

A new online publication is hitting the Rochester area! It’s called Property of JACK, and it was created by a RIT Department of Communication class under the lead of the great social media strategist Professor Mike Johansson. The publication aims to entertain the Rochester audience with different topics for each day of the week including:

Money Monday: Giving tips on ways to save money, what tools to use and more!

Techie Tuesday: Letting you know about to Tech events in the area and new gadgets to check out!

Wearable Wednesday: Giving you fashion tips, looks to try, and looks to look out for!

Things to Do Thursday: Telling you which events to attend, things to do, and places to go!

Foodie Friday: Recipes, inside scoop on certain foods and things you didn’t know about what you’re already eating!

Social Saturday: Giving assistance in getting your Social Media presence up and running and how to do so!

Sports Sunday: An inside look on upcoming events, missed moments and more!

These are just a few things JACK will cover! The publication is expected to launch on Monday January 14th so don’t forget to check it out:

Also get out there and like it on Facebook to help these DoC kids make their publication happen!