Missing Brick City

While everyone else was at Alec Baldwin on Saturday, I was stuck at the Box Office. I couldn’t even hear him from where I sat less than 100 yards away. All I saw was the smiles of everyone who walked out after the event and the disappointed looks on those who hadn’t made it in time to go in.

30 minutes later was our women’s hockey game against Yale at the Blue Cross Arena. I was still on campus

Then I missed the Penn State Hockey game that same night, where I worked Will Call. I gave everyone their tickets, and signed the parents in. My Twitter was on fire that night with updates of the game, so I turned off the data on my phone.

I literally missed all of homecoming! I missed the ticketed events and the cool speeches by my professors. I was on campus the entire weekend of Brick City and all I got was a microfiber sticker that can clean my phone and then stick on the back for convenience.

My news feed and timeline is still blowing up with students reminiscing of the great times they had with friends and families, which made me realize: life is much too short to be an adult before I have to be.

So many college students get bogged down with thoughts of how to best prepare for a career, or with grades that won’t even matter five years from now (although I am very proud of my perfect GPA). What happened to college being the best years of our lives? Ask your parent, I’m sure he/she has stories about the crazy antics of a co-ed.

What can we talk about? Our co-op at Dow? The one time I pulled a 14-hour shift? How about all of the weekend nights we wasted because we were too scared to party like we wanted to, too scared of the judgment?

RIT isn’t known as a party school and we don’t need to be to be a fun campus! We have to break out of our shells and realize that with a campus with over 15,000 students we shouldn’t worry about our awful dance moves, because we probably will never see those same people again. Unless, of course, you decided to go out with the people from class. In those cases, you just laugh like your dance moves are meant to be a joke.

I’ve missed out on most weekends because my majors and minors, my internship, and my job suck up all of my time. However, if you’re going to miss most weekends, just make sure not to miss Brick City Weekend; unless you want to take my shift at the Box Office! I would love to see our boys kick butt for homecoming hockey!