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Little Ways to Lift Your Mood

Sometimes everyone has those days in which they are feeling down, neglected or even sad. There is just one simple solution to this problem: happiness. Sometimes you just need a lift up or motivation to get you right back on track.
 But, according to researchers happiness isn’t about life circumstances like getting paid, which only results in 10% of your daily happiness. Then 50% of our happiness is based on our genetic make up and the last 40% is the happiness that is influenced by what we do to make ourselves happy.
I have a few helpful tips for the next time you’re having a terrible day or week and want to turn it around.
1. Flip through old photos: Bring back some good memories by flipping through old photo albums or scrapbooks, even Facebook. Try to brighten your mood by looking at how happy you were that day. Yes, starring at old photos might be hard, but they let your heart know that at that point in time you were happy and you can be happy
2. Open your shades: Let the sun shine through your windows. On a nice beautiful day open your shades and let the sun brighten your mood.

3. Take a walk or run: Go to the gym for a much needed work out, or even a walk around the park. Give your body some exercise and fresh air. You will feel 10 times better. You also don’t have to walk alone, call a friend and chat while you walk around the park. Opening up to someone will help.
4. Retail Therapy: For some shopping can really help. When you’re having a bad day go shopping. Let yourself splurge for a little, maybe redo your wardrobe or even get your nails done. Some girls needed a cute new outfit for a night out to put a smile on their face and there is nothing wrong with that.
5. Do a good deed: When you’re feeling low, but your out with some friends doing a good deed can really brighten your day. By simply holding a door open for someone or picking up something a person drops can instantly bring a smile on your face. That person can simply say thank you attached to a smile and it will radiate to you.
These are just a few tips that researchers say can help bring the smile back to your face after a long terrible day. I on the other hand just have one simple tip for all of you out there that have recently gone through a fight with a friend, a bad day at work or a heart wrenching break up.
Let your friends in; let them be there for you when you need them most. Your best friends are the ones who will always be there no matter what you’re going through. That’s what makes them your best friend. Grab a cup of coffee or dinner with them and confide in them how your feeling, I promise you will feel better once you get it off your shoulders. Sometimes you can’t always carry the weight of the world; sometimes you just have to put it down for a little. Your best friends will help you.
I do not know what I would do with out my best friends. Don’t let yourself be lonely when dealing with hard times, surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Let them show you that you can be happy and they will be there the whole step of the way.
Always remember to laugh because for me laughing is the key to smiling!

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