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‘Bus rides take forever’ said a random RIT student. Depending on where you are, an on-campus bus, also called ‘Combined Campus Shuttle’, takes approximately 20 minutes or less to get to your destination. Some may prefer to walk to class since it’s a lot faster, but that can be a struggle for students living off campus. It may not only be on campus, but there are students who prefer to take an Uber than try to ride the bus outside of campus. That may not be an issue to some students, but for those who are trying to find affordable transportation, it can be a pain. This article will cover the things you can do to save some time and whether or not the bus can be convenient for you.


Where are you going?

Before diving into the topic, it is important to be cautious of your surroundings and make sure to know where you are going. Going with a friend who knows how to ride the bus can help guide you to your destination. However, if you’re going alone and don’t have prior knowledge of riding the RIT bus, there is absolutely nothing wrong asking questions to the people beside you or the bus driver. If you don’t want to rely on others in the bus, it is important to download the TransLoc App on your phone. Even if you are a student who does not ride the bus at all, it would still be helpful to know the location of the bus shuttles or to help those lost on campus. The TransLoc app has a GPS tracking device that allows you to navigate the location and destination of the bus. Students who live off-campus, or those who rely on the bus more, tend to use the app on a daily basis. Additionally, the app shows you the transits of each specific bus a student is riding.


Reasons to Ride The Bus

  1. It’s free This may be the most obvious part on the list, but it’s a fact. Not a lot of students can afford to have their own transportation. In an article called The Life of an RIT Commuter: “47 percent of students live off campus and commute to campus.” This means that approximately 8,597 RIT students commuted to school (as of Fall of 2013). Having a bus that charges no fee is a good advantage to it’s students on or off campus.

  2. Having the mindset of being 15-30 minutes prepared before class Being late to class can be a total bummer. If off-campus students live 30 minutes away from campus, then they have no choice but to wait at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. I know that may seem like putting in  extra effort, but in reality, it’s not much of a big deal. Off-campus students are so used to the routine that it does not bother them anymore. The same thing applies to those who have a car and  =live extra miles away from RIT. The goal is to be on time for class, not the destination from where you’re at.

  3. Adventure! Commuting can change your college experience significantly. When you think about it, there’s a lot of things to see outside campus. The bus gives you the opportunity to look outside the window and relax after a long day in class.

To truly understand why students ride the bus is not just because they don’t have a car, even though financial circumstances do play a huge role in this decision. Another reason could be independence, or trying to live away from campus for a change of surroundings. Students’ should grab the opportunity to try the campus bus and explore what RIT has to offer. Whether you get to campus on a bike, skateboard, or even roller skating, what’s important is to enjoy the rest of your college years and experience the ride of the RIT bus.

Jessa is a graphic design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She originally came from Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands and graduated with an associates degree in Liberal Arts. She enjoys drawing, roller skating, and loves going on adventures to explore and meet new people. Jessa hoped that being part of Her Campus will allow her to explore a variety of different topics to write from and communicate with other college students in her community.
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