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Chunky sweaters

When it comes to fall fashion, you can never go wrong with an oversized cable knit sweater. It’s one of those basic pieces everyone should invest in, since it’s so simple to personalize to fit your unique style. I like pairing chunky sweaters with short skirts or plaid pants since I usually go for a preppier look. Not only does this look cute, but it’s comfortable as well. If you feel like you’re being wrapped by a big blanket, then you know you’ve purchased the right sweater.

Printed tights

If you’re like me and enjoy wearing skirts and dresses year round, tights will be your best friend. Printed tights is a recurring trend that has made its way on the fall trends list this year. Lace tights are gaining popularity this season; especially the Gucci logo tights you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to break the bank to get this look. Almost every store has dupes or regular printed tights in stock. Patterned tights, plaid in particular, is another option to try out if you want to dress up your outfit whilst staying warm. 

Matching sets

We’ve seen colorful matching sets all over social media this past summer- and now it’s time to transition this look to the fall. I have recently noticed stores come out with more matching top and pants sets in neutral colors and thicker material. This is a great way to stay warm and look chic with minimal effort. Also be on the lookout for matching cropped top and cardigan sets. For an effortless look, I prefer pairing these types of sets with a pair of trousers.

Plaid skirts

Nothing screams fall fashion more than plaid, to be more specific plaid skirts. Whether your personal style is more grunge, preppy, or 90s, everyone can pull this skirt off. Pair it with a button up white shirt for a preppy look or a leather jacket to go more edgy. This is such a popular piece and can easily be found at almost any clothing store this season.


When you think of fall shoes I’m sure you usually think about boots, but this season’s loafers are what’s on trend. A pair of chunky black leather loafers can instantly make your outfit classier. They look great paired with white socks and since these shoes are quite simple, they can be worn with literally anything.


If you want to go for something more sophisticated, then blazers are for you. Although you can style them many different ways, blazers will guarantee that your outfit is classy. My favorite blazers for the season are neutral toned, plaid, and leather. Pair them with ripped jeans and your favorite sneakers for a more casual look, or with a skirt and heels to dress it up.

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry will be your best friend this season. I may be biased since I only wear gold jewelry, but wearing more warm jewelry is a great way to transition into the fall. Layering thin gold necklaces and wearing small gold hoops are great ways to amplify your outfit. You’d be surprised by how much jewelry can improve your outfit; you could be wearing sweats, but pairing it with the right jewelry will instantly make your outfit trendier.

Shwetha is a writer and editor for Her Campus. She is studying Software Engineering at RIT and is passionate about making the field of computing more inclusive. She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. Some of her other interests include fashion, baking, reading, and volunteering.
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