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I love the sun.

I miss it in the winter

But I want to stop neglecting the clouds.

They remind us that we can’t always shine,

We can’t always be warm for ourselves

Or for others. 

Maybe it’s just me, 

But when the sun goes behind a cloud

Even for just a moment 

My soul freezes. 

Maybe this is a reflection of myself.

Of how I let my warmth slip away 

Whenever the smallest thing goes wrong. 

But why am I so scared of the cold? 

It causes us to hold tighter to those we love.


I wonder why

I’m so in love

With the way the sun filters through the trees.

The green tones of the leaves turning warm. 

The shadows and light creating a masterpiece on the Earth’s floor. 

When you and I walk barefoot through the grass.

Hand in hand.


The sun is there too.


I love the sun.

And I love you. 

I love the way you remind me the sun always comes back.

Just like love does


The sun is always present.

We just can’t see it.


Love works that way too. 


I dream of a stream running behind our small house in the woods

Of the fireplace on the cold days

The sun shining through the windows in the summer 

A simple, full life

Full of love and kindness.

Food we grew ourselves

Our favorite Hozier record playing softly

While we dance barefoot on the cold hardwoods

In our home.

Walking out the door into endless trees


And streams.

I imagine you there with me 

As I ride the highs and lows of life

Supporting you in yours too

And loving through it all.

Natalie is a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Art and Design. She was a competitive dancer for most of her life as well as a musician and artist. She enjoys creating more than anything; art, designs, music, clothing (upcycling), writing, etc. Reading has always been one of her favorite activities and she loves to spend lots of time exploring in nature. Nat also finds most of her life answers after doing an intense yoga practice:) She is the Art/Design Director of RIT's HerCampus Chapter and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
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