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A 3D doll with button eyes
A 3D doll with button eyes

Childhood Spooky Movies

The end of September calls for one of the greatest (and scariest) moment everyone prepares for: pumpkin picking trips are scheduled, costume collaborations are made, and the smell of fall begins to fill the air. Whether you decide to dress up as your traditional mystic fairy or haunt some minds with your Scream mask, having a Halloween movie marathon is crucial to completing any Halloween planning list.

There are a variety of movies or shows to pick from to binge watch when getting ready to snuggle into your blankets for a Halloween movie night (depending on your preference). You may decide to do classical Halloween movies or actual Horror films (or even something that’s not Halloween related but a fan favorite). If you’re a nostalgic person like me, you have an appreciation for throwback films.

Just as nothing screams throwback quite like recalling the things we grew up with in our childhood, watching a selection of old Halloween movies that we used to watch as kids is a good way to wind down and relax for the month of October (personally, I keep this tradition until the end of November). Here are some of my favorite childhood spooky (not really that scary) movies to add to your binge watch list this Halloween.


One of the first scary films I’ve watched as a child and now brings me comfort is the Coraline 2009 film. And it’s making its comeback in 2021. There is nothing more thrilling than watching a copy of your mother wanting to sew buttons over your eyes to keep your ghoul soul trapped away from the real world (hopefully, not literally).

Monster House

A popular 2000’s comical horror animated film that doesn’t get much recognition today is Monster House. Featuring the two iconic awkward friend duo who analyzes the dreamy girl who rides her bike around the neighborhood… and makes up haunted stories of the old man neighbor who lives across the street.

The best adventure in this film that makes it a real Halloween banger? Those haunted stories of the neighbor’s house aren’t just stories.

The Corpse Bride

A classical that has become a favorite among millennials and generation Z, The Corpse Bride is a Tom Burton favorite alongside A Nightmare Before Christmas.


If you’re looking for a series of movies to watch, starting with the first Halloweentown movie is a beginning. And if you’re active on Tiktok, you’ll know that the actress who plays Sophie (Emily Roeske) participated in the “I understood the Assignment” trend to rub in that one of the Piper siblings had to pull through with remembering the spell that saved the town.


The twin duo is a favored dynamic to watch in family-friendly films, and Twitches is high peak in that trope. Being shown on Disney Channel in 2005, Twitches is about twins who were separated at birth and adopted by two different families, but find each other on their 21st birthday. Together, they go on a mission to use their spells and magic to save the place in which they were born in.


While this film is more well-known, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a good laugh while watching three witches try to kidnap children to keep them young. A battle between the young and old, the real trick or treat film.

Even when Halloween is over, these movies will still bring you that comfort nostalgia you might need during cozy season.

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