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I am someone that can have days and/or moments where I feel extra stressed about the things going on around me. I also sometimes don’t have time or get space to do things that would help me handle my stress in a healthy way. But I have been discovering some simple things that I am able to do throughout my day that helps me feel better mentally and physically. 

*DISCLAIMER* These are just some ways that help me personally with stress;, the things that I do might not apply to someone else, but I highly recommend giving them a try!


1: Water water water- Drinking water is your best friend. Whenever I am having to go to a class that puts a lot of stress on me, I always drink some water before going, or in pre-pandemic days I would drink water throughout class discussion. But including drinking water as something you do throughout the day helps in while combating stress. And, it is good for your skin!


2: Listening to music- Listening to the right music always puts me in the best mood, and helps me feel more relaxed in certain situations. Sometimes wearing headphones can make me feel disconnected with the outside world, so I usually keep just one earbud in, or have my music on low volume playing through my phone. Also, finding a music buddy to jam out with helps! 


3: Breathing exercises- Just even taking one minute out of my your day to go through some simple breathing exercises helps to put me in a better mindset, and makes me feel more relaxed!


4: Talking to someone- I know talking to people might take some time and effort, but even sending a quick text to one of your best friends about your stress, or just about something that makes you both happy can really help relieve some of the stress. 


5: Talk about it- I tend to bottle things up and try to handle things on my own, but I am starting to learn that being more open about how I am feeling in the moment helps me learn how to cope through things. It is okay to talk about how you feel!


Hopefully these tips are helpful to you all in some way! Stress is exhausting but you can definitely find ways to conquer it! 

It is easier for me to say what I dislike rather than what I love because I pretty much love everything except for raw tomatoes.
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