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Welcome Back Seniors (& other upperclassman)

After a long summer break, even Rider becomes quite inviting. For those of us in our final year, it is particularly bittersweet as it is our last. However, there is the potential to make it the best ever!

Find your path…
If graduation is in the winter or spring, it might be a good idea to figure out how you’d like to start your career. A good pair of shoes costs money; a designer purse even more. Talking to your advisor is a good step to take.

Senior-to-senior: Go to the Fall Career Fair in November. You could meet your future boss there.

Do something that scares you…
While this writer isn’t advocating anything potentially dangerous, a step or two out of your comfort zone is a good idea. Try a new club, take that one elective you’ve been too afraid to take. Senior year is the last chance to do it.

Take it one day at a time…
While some are already humming “Pomp & Circumstance”, senior year is barely started. Take advantage of it through the Senior Experience, pub nights and/or the activities that you’ve been doing the past four years. The last quarter of your college experience is still ahead.

Seniors, and Upperclassmen, it’s almost over! But not quite yet so remember, stay focused. Don’t let college burnout get to you!

Jess Scanlon is a senior Journalism & Spanish double major at Rider University. However her real passion is writing.
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