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This Week’s Eye-candy: Daequan Kim

Meet cutie Daequan Kim. This sprinter has been turning heads around campus for a while now as he scorches up the track. As things heat up this semester, Daequan fills us in on how he got his nickname, ‘Prince’, what he thinks of dating and what he does in his spare time. Ladies, you may thank us later. 


Prince Charming

He’s known as ‘Prince’ for a reason. Daequan divulges that in elementary school when he noticed some boys picking on a girl he liked, he stepped up to them to protect her. “I said, ‘Hey, leave her alone’…and then I got beat up.” he reveals with a sardonic laugh. “After that she took me to her house, gave me some ice and she started calling me Prince, and then her friends and my friends started calling me Prince.” So sweet, right?


Track Star

Daequan has been burning up the track for almost six years now and tells us the reason he loves it so much is because of, “The competition. Knowing that I can be better and wanting to be better.” We find that kind of dedication and drive very appealing — don’t you?


Keys Man

“I don’t know much, but I can make it sound nice.” he says of his lust of playing the piano–Daequan is self-taught.  “It’s making the pretty noise” that attracts him to the keys. We’d love to hear what he’s got. On the other hand, if pretty noises is what he wants to hear…we’ve got some of that for him, right ladies? Just saying. 


Life Choices

“It was odd getting used to people who lived with both of their parents,” he says. For Daequan, his uncle has always been his father-figure. “He’s the only reason why I’m here [Rider], actually. I wanted to go into the Marines. I wasn’t interested in college at all.”  We sure are glad that Daequan changed his mind.


Business Man

“If I do track [professionally] I want to be able to market myself.” says Daequan, referring to why he decided to major in marketing here at Rider. He’s also good with logistics, which will help him to succeed in this field. We say, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who knows what he wants and goes after it.  


Perfect Date

Daequan paints us the perfect picture: “A picnic at sunrise. And we sit and talk for a little bit. Then, something artsy. We go to a place where they’re playing the piano. Dinner, just some times where we can connect.” When were we invited on this date? Just asking.


My First

“I was in New York so I was young…about six.” Impressive, no? “I just did it because that’s what you were supposed to do. [She] was my first girlfriend.” Daequan says of his first kiss ever. 


She’s All That

Daequan breaks down his idea of a good match. First, he looks for “intelligence. She has to be smart. If I can’t speak to you for more than ten minutes without going ‘uhh…,’ it’s not going to work.” Second, “I need to be able to laugh. I’m a laugher,” however, ladies, he doesn’t like girls who “try to be funny. I like [a girl] to be funny accidently.” 


College Sweetheart

Daequan tells us that he has been involved in two serious relationships, one in high school and one in college — which is ongoing. Sorry to disappoint ladies!

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