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This Week’s Eye Candy: Charmer Tyree Barnes

Ladies, we know you all cannot deny the appeal of a guy who is driven, artistic, and easy on the eyes. We love cutie Tyree Barnes for his boyish charm and ambitious nature. And that chocolate complexion and those deep-set brown eyes aren’t too bad either. Go ahead, don’t be shy. You’re only looking!


Just last summer Tyree wrote and got two books published, the first entitled, Beneath the Crown, which is a collection of poems and the second, The Final Thoughts of a Dying Man. We say we’d love to be the next subject for your next love poem. 


Mr. Romantic

“I can be [romantic], but I only want to do it when someone really deserves it. One girlfriend of mine I actually wrote her a book of poems, like ten or fifteen poems.” We’re so jealous! “I’ve got some pretty good tricks up my sleeve.” We bet you do, Tyree.  


The Big One

Tyree says that he has only had one serious relationship before, having always been so focus-driven and busy with schoolwork, music, and other things. “I’ve had girlfriends, but they were just girlfriends. In college, I had my first real relationship…like you have to take her out on dates!”


She’s All That

“Physical beauty is great. It’s what attracts the eye, obviously…but as you can see with my books, I’m very intellectual.” Tyree says. “I need a woman that I can have an intelligent conversation with. There’s something so deep…on the inside that she has to touch. It’s past physical beauty.”


Confident Lover

“I’m confident and sure of myself and not afraid to be who I am.” Tyree explains, referring to why girls find him attractive. “I’m just not like other guys they know. Very intellectual black man from the hood…and I may be “Campus Cutie”, but I’m not out sleeping around with a lot of women.”


My First

“My first kiss? Wow…fifth or fourth grade, I think it was about that time.” Tyree says, recalling that oh, so special time in every guy’s love life. “There was this nervousness, but I had this self-confidence about myself. Afterwards it was cool, I felt like a champ.” Tyree says of the experience. We can only imagine…unfortunately. 


Kissing 101

Things have certainly changed since elementry. “It’s natural, it’s real. Nothing’s forced.” Seems like Tyree has kissing down just fine. “It’s not something that I strategize for, or that I plan out. I like to just let it happen, whenever it happens.” We get it, but actions speak louder than words…(hint, hint). 


Dating Deal-breaker

Tyree admits that he’s “not really into loud girls. I’m pretty quite and reserved.” He adds, “I have a lot of confidence, so I look for that. If she doesn’t have that…it doesn’t work. We can be friends, but I look for her to have a certain level of self-confidence as well.”


All You Single Ladies

While Tyree is still lingering on the single side of the fence, we’re sure there are plenty of girls who would love to date this cutie. Tyree concurs, “I’ve had offers,” with a laugh. “But I’m trying to spend sometimes with myself. Figure me out, what the world means to me, what I mean to the world.”


What Scares Me

“Love is the equivalent  of being strung out on cocaine. When you’re in love you do things that you wouldn’t normally do.” Tyree explains. “I’m never gonna cry over a guy, never gonna cry over a girl, but when you’re in love and you’ve been with this person for years and then you break up and you can’t get out of bed. That’s what scares me about love.” 


He’s Got Soul

Tyree says that he wishes all girls knew that, “there’s much more to Tyree Barnes than a Campus Cutie. I may dress nice, I may look nice, but that has nothing to do with who I am. I could care less about clothes and material things.” 

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