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This Week’s Eye Candy: Brian Long

Ladies, let us introduce you to cutie, Brian Long. Not only is he involved on campus as a tour guide, the president of Writer’s Block, and a member of the Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Fraternity, but he has that gentleman charm that girls love. Did we mention that his gorgeous eyes and lovable smile have us dying to know more about him? Ladies, this is for you.

Theater Buff

Brian is originally from the Jersey Shore and says that he has always been fascinated with the art of theater. He is also quite the accomplished artist. He’s performed numerous plays here at Rider such as “Killer Joe” and “Sweet Charity”, not to mention he’s even written several sketches for SNL!  Nice.

Brian is a tour guide here at Rider and says that he loves to travel and wishes that he had more time to take advantage of the Study Abroad programs here. “I’ve always wanted to go to England. England sounds amazingly incredible.” Brian says that he also would love to someday visit the likes of Japan, Korea and Australia. We bet we could find plenty of ladies who wouldn’t mind tagging along on Brian’s adventures. So if you’re one of them…
First Kiss
“She just straight-up kissed me!” Brian tells us. “It was first grade…Amy Conway.” Yes, he even remembers her name! “I remember it because it established [the standard] of what my typical relationships would be. I’ve been involved with girls who are a lot more expressive than I am. I have a hard time saying what I’m thinking and now I’m more attracted to girls who are better at expressing themselves than I am.”
The Perfect Date
Brian lets us in the know. “Somewhere good to eat, because I’m a big food guy. I love food….a high-class place…maybe we could see a movie after. But the perfect date is one that ends with you wanting to see the person again.” We say, well said. 
Everyone Gets Rejected
“I’ve had so many rejections.” Brian admits and we can only wonder, how? “It sucks. No one wants to get rejected. I’ve had some bad ones, but you learn from each one, I think. You say, alright, I know now. I’ll never do that again.” 
Relationship 101
This cutie admits that he has been in two serious relationships, while also enjoying casual dating in between. “I’ve learned that communication is really important in a relationship.” Brian confesses. “Especially in the last relationship I was in. The girl I was with was always very honest with me, and I liked that about her. I don’t want someone who will lie to me…or say nice things just to be nice.”
She’s All That
Brian is a man that knows what he wants: A girl who is willing to be honest with him, as he is willing to be honest with the girl he chooses to date. “I think probably the most important thing in a serious relationship is just being willing to talk to each other if you have a problem.” Brian also wants someone who can make him laugh saying, “Sense of humor doesn’t hurt.” Other preferences? Someone who values the art of good conversation. A girl that is low maintenance was also mentioned as an important quality that he looks for in a girl. 
Miss Athletic
“I respect the hell out of anyone who plays sports, but a girl who’s more athletic than me…I find that attractive.” It’s not just the tight uniforms, skimpy outfits that make female athletes so sexy to Brian. He says, “It’s…empowering. A girl that’s good at athletics is pretty cool.” 
Brian is a cutie, Brian is ambitious, Brian is single—Brian is waiting for you! If you want more of Brian, head over to a Writer’s Block meeting or take a Rider tour just in the hopes that he is your guide!
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