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Sweetie Pie: Brendan Gordon

Too smooth for words, Brendan Gordon is a humble, nice, and quiet guy. He’s a sweetheart and is very friendly at Rider University. Here he dishes about his luck with the ladies and just the type of guy he is.

Q: What was your worst dating experience?
A: I haven’t really had a bad dating experience. The worst one would probably be back in middle school when I was walking with this girl through the park. On our way home we ran into her parents, her ex, and his current girlfriend. That was probably the most awkward moment. But we did eventually go out again because the rest of the night was pretty fun. The worst date would probably be taking some girl to McDonalds and watching her stuff her face.

Q: What do you bring to a relationship that sets you apart from the rest?
A: I am not like every guy that most girls talk about. I am one of those few very nice guys who treats his girl like she is the most important thing in the world. I believe that every girl deserves the best when she is in a relationship, and I can give that to them. If a girl is looking to be cherished and loved but at the same time have fun with an awesome guy then I am the one for them.
Q: What makes a woman sexy?
A: Obviously she must be beautiful but not just physically. She has to be funny and smart. She has to be able to hold a conversation. Basically, if I can be myself and have fun with her then the sexier she is. Humor and intelligence makes a woman sexy. Also she has to care about her body. She has to love to work out, but she also has to love the way she looks already. If I think she is sexy then that should be enough for her.
Q: Your first crush, what drew you to her?
A: My first crush was back in the second grade. She was pretty and fun and pretty much the coolest girl I had ever met. She played basketball all the time and she was someone I could spend time with and have fun with at the same time. I asked her on one of those little kid dates like to walk home after school. She said yes but then her mom came and got her before we could find each other. So I guess she lied, so in a way I guess she rejected me. But it’s all good; no one grows as a person if they never feel rejection.

Q: It’s a typical Friday night, what are you doing?
A: I’m chilling with my friends and having fun. I am a guy that likes to have fun. I do not like sitting in my room and not being productive. I have to go out and meet new people. So I probably would chill with my friends and do what most college kids would. So on a Friday night you’ll probably see my around either on or off campus just being loud and having fun. Life is too short to waste, so why waste it in your room.
Q: Did anyone ever help you figure out how to ask out a girl? Have you ever helped a friend ask out a girl?
A: I have done both. I have helped ask out and I have asked for advice. Sometimes some girls are so out of people’s leagues you ask your friends for confidence or ideas so that maybe this extraordinary girl can give a guy a chance. No one likes feeling rejected so every now and again some people need a real confidence boost. When I have asked for advice I have been told to walk up to her make her laugh a little bit and just show her the real you. So for me I walk up to a girl and try to make her laugh because I am a very humorous person. When people have asked me for advice I say do not be afraid, rejection is a part of life there is nothing to lose. And even sometimes I need to listen to my own advice.

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