Rampant Obsession: DIY-Jewelry

Trying to be stylish and cute on a budget can be difficult, as we all know. So I’m always looking for a way to spend less money while trying to look like I have money to burn. My never-ending money saving quest has lead me to do it yourself projects, or as those in the know call it: DIY.

There is a DIY for pretty much every-and-anything you could possible what to try to do on your own. Specially crafted for those wanting to save or/and feeling creative. For those of us collegiettes trying to lessen the stress on our wallets, the ideas are pretty creative, so DIYs are prefect for us.

While I was looking at the DIY projects, I reallt wanted to hare so many amazing ideas I found, but then this entry would be entirely too long. So, I decided to show a few outstanding DIY pieces because the little details can make, or break and outfit.