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Linked Up: 4.9.12

It’s hard to keep up with all that gets dumped into cyberworld. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered!

Do you care who Kanye West dates? Is this old news to you or have you been feeding into this publicity stunt? [Essence].

Two men from Tulsa we charged with murder when three black men were left dead and two others were left injured, [ABC News].

The weather is still looking a little drab, but the trees are blossoming with beautiful pastels and vivid brights. Treat your nails to the same, [Style Bistro].

If you have an iPhone there’s a new app that can have you never waiting in a restaurant for your check again, [Dallas Observer].

Zimmerman, the shooter of Trayvon Martin will not face a grand jury, [Yahoo News].

Have you been keeping up with the war against women? [Madame Noir].

A New Jersey native, Amber S. Brown is an ambitious communication/journalism student who aspires to have a career in the magazine world. Amber is a well-rounded and committed student who has repeatedly earned herself a spot on the Dean’s list at her university. Her thirst and energy for writing, style, and fitness keeps her one step ahead of everyone else. Driven to bring something fresh and new to the magazine industry, Amber continues to be focused, motivated, and has an unbreakable “anything’s possible” attitude.
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