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The Latest on Trayvon Martin

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Trayvon murder case that began with a 17-year-old young Black male being gunned down and killed while passing through a gated community in Florida on his way home from a store on Feb. 26. The reason it didn’t end there was because George Zimmerman, a white man who fired the shot to Martin’s chest that would fatally wound him, had not been handcuffed and charged by Florida police officials after the incident occurred. 

This immediately brought a racial charge to the case with people declaring that because Martin—a young, Black and unarmed teenager—being killed while simply passing through an affulent gated community was just a repeat in history of other unjustified murders committed by whites. The latest that is being reported is that Zimmerman accidentally shot Martin. He claims the shooting was in defense, which is only adding fuel to flames.

With such a heavy case we thought that we’d keep you updated with the latest reports:

Trayvon Martin case has put a spotlight on perspective of hoodies, [The Washington Post].

Miami Heat players wear hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin, [Urban Daily].

Trayvon Martin’s case still playing out on Twitter nd Facebook, [USA Today].

Was the motive self-defense or racism? [Time].

U.S. Justice Department may charge Zimmerman with hate crime, [Essence].

Shooter of Trayvon Martin a habitual caller to cops [The Miami Herald].

It’s both sad and unfortunate that the way Trayvon Martin had to be introduced to the (whole) world was by his seemingly reasonless shooting. But this is now bigger than his death. Now it’s about justice being served.

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