Kinetic Kenneth Lustin

He’s 19 years young and a soon-to-be Med School student. The people in his life call him Ken, but this week we’re calling him cutie! This self-professed poet, rapper, basketball player and sneaker enthusiast shares his interesting perspective on love and what it does to your life, his future and how you can fit into it, and why he’s different from all the rest. Read on.

Tell us about your dream girl.
My dream girl is ambitious and spontaneous. It's important to me that she maintains a good balance between business and pleasure in her life. A well-rounded female is always a plus and a must. The last thing my dream girl would be is one-dimensional.
Are you looking for love?
I wouldn't consider myself looking for love but I'm always open to the possibility. People will always argue that love will take focus off of your goals and aspirations, but real love helps you achieve those goals, not hinder it. There's always room for love.
What’s your future looking like to you right now?
My ultimate career goal in life is to become a pediatrician, and to my own practice close to home in New York. I want to be the object of motivation for young men like me who lacked it growing up. The best way for a significant other to fit into these plans would be to do aspire to do just as well. Anyone who has a future of their own surely has a future with me if willing.
What do you have that sets you apart from all the others out here?
What I believe sets me apart from others is that I'm a firm believer of chivalry. Holding doors open, pulling out chairs, lending my jacket, etc., all comes as second nature. There's no other way in my mind to possibly treat a female but with the upmost respect.
What’s it going to take to win your heart?
To win my heart honestly shouldn't take much for the right person. If you possess all the qualities, all it will take is the effort to get my attention and I'm yours. Just be genuine, and persistent.
Any advice you can offer our Rider ladies?
One piece of advice I can offer the ladies at Rider University is to not exhaust themselves trying to appeal to gentlemen. If you just continue to carry yourself like a Queen you will surely attract a King.  The best reward in doing so is attracting someone who admires you for who you are, and not the facade you present yourself with.

Tell us something…
Everyone knows about you…I have a real way with words. After winning this year’s [On Fire!!] poetry slam and just interacting with people on and off campus it’s no longer a surprise.
No one knows about you…I was named after the singer/songwriter Kenneth Edmonds, better known as “Babyface”.
You wish no one knew about you…My father is just as handsome and as charming, and sometimes steals attention away from my lady friends back home. Much love and credit to him though.
Everyone should know about you…I'm one of the sweetest, funniest, charming, most down to earth people you'll ever meet. A presumable romantic I am (and so I’ve been told). Far from typical.
Ladies, are we on the same page here? Are you Lustin' right now? He says he’s not on the lookout for love, but ladies, he’s single! You know what that means, just because he’s not looking…
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