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I Am…Trayvon Martin: Updates

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rider chapter.

In an age where we continue to rapidly grow and advance technologically, it’s as unfortunate as it is shocking that this is the state of racial inequality and injustice in America, but it’s the truth. One week since our last updates on the Martin versus Zimmerman case, and one month after the fatal encounter, new allegations and findings have emerged.

Authorities enlisted Tom Owen, a forensic consultant and chair of the American Board of Recorded Evidence, used voice identification software to analyze the tapes at the Orlando Sentinel’s request, [Global Post].

Voices from the conservative commentators are asking whether or not George Zimmerman is being tried unfairly in the media. [Yahoo News!]. Really?

Did Zimmerman’s father, a retired judge, help him get previous criminal charges dropped, including domestic violence? [Rolling Out].

Want to see video? The Washington Post is reporting that Zimmerman’s case is a crumbling one. [The Washington Post].

There’s more conflicting evidence that question whether Trayvon was attacked or that he in fact was a victim of racial profiling. [The Christian Science Monitor].

What are your thoughts this far? Who do you believe?

A New Jersey native, Amber S. Brown is an ambitious communication/journalism student who aspires to have a career in the magazine world. Amber is a well-rounded and committed student who has repeatedly earned herself a spot on the Dean’s list at her university. Her thirst and energy for writing, style, and fitness keeps her one step ahead of everyone else. Driven to bring something fresh and new to the magazine industry, Amber continues to be focused, motivated, and has an unbreakable “anything’s possible” attitude.