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Ask Miss Lapaix: Sexy Talk

“Hey Miss LaPaix, what’s on everyone’s mind at Rider University? Miss LaPaix responds, “The good stuff, sex and relationships.” Read this week’s questions to see if yours made the cut, if not, you can always learn something from someone else’s problems. With love, Miss LaPaix.

Is it okay to have sex on your period and/or on a first date?
As far as having sex on your period, speak to your doctor or gynecologist about that, just to make sure that it is safe for the both of you. Until then, I DO NOT think it is a good idea. Now, sex on the first date is only determined by the persons involved. Therefore, no one can tell you that sex on the first date is a good or bad thing. Do what you feel and think is right, just be prepared emotionally and be sure to use protection.
If you are in a relationship and you find more chemistry with someone else, how do you decide which feelings to act on?
First, think about what might be missing from your current relationship. A lot of the times, older relationship’s flames die out and that is when problems arise. So talk to your partner about igniting that flame. If you both decide nothing can be done, then distant yourself from the relationship. Until this talk happens, stay away from all other temptations. Those temptations may just be a result of not getting what you need from your current relationship.
If you cheated on your girlfriend/boyfriend repeatedly, then stopped and never got caught; should you still tell them the truth about your infidelity?
Wow, this may have been the toughest question I’ve ever received from Her Campus. (*cracks fingers*) Now, this is when morals, ethics and your consciousness come into play. What do you think? Do whatever you feel in your heart. I cannot tell you whether to tell the truth or not because it comes from within; you must be ready to tell it and ready for the consequences. Think about it and be true to yourself. Hope all works out.
What do you do if you man does not make you orgasm BUT you like him a lot?
Explore. Relationships are not perfect, there are going to be many things that both partners are going to have work at to make perfect. Therefore, teach him and yourself how to orgasm, that way both of you are completely satisfied. Explore your body and then teach him how to explore your body; look at this as an experiment. Research fun ways to enjoy sex and orgasm from it, read Cosmo and ask other couples. Why not? The experience will bring you together sexually but also emotionally. A trust will form if done with tender love and care.
If you have sex with someone who has a bigger “package” than the average guy, will it affect you if you have sex with someone who has a smaller “package?”
LOL. Now this is the funniest question I’ve received so far from Her Campus™. All I can say is that you must figure out what you like. By that I mean, compare both smaller packages to medium and large packages and determine which one pleases you more. Go from there. Now, of course there are different factors that comes into play, size is not the only thing that matters so do not be weary of someone who has a smaller package. We learn about our likes and dislikes from experience. We will just call you “Indiana Jones,” report back when the mission is complete. *over and out*.

Hello, my name is Amy Lapaix, I am a senior, majoring in Communication with a track in Interpersonal Speech and Communication and minor in Gender Studies. I am ALL about Womyn (yes, with an "y"), empowerment, the arts and spreading L-O-V-E. Got a question? Ask your Campus Queen and you shall receive a genuine answer!
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