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Ask Miss Lapaix: Boys and Stuff

This week so many of you ladies are having boy and relationship troubles! No fear, your girl is here giving you advice on how to deal when Facebook enters the picture, how to make a long-distance relationship work and more.

Q.  Why do boys think it’s “okay” to hang-out with a girl romantically and then ignore her around campus the next day? 

A.  This one is very simple; HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN YOU. If he calls you sometimes, comes over only after 12am, does not want to meet your friends or be seen in public with you, and ignores you around campus, well, you have fallen for “The player.” He is only with you for the “booty.” Get my drift? If not, here’s another hint: when a guy is really interested in you, he will not be shy to let you and the whole world know. “The player,” however, only wants sex. Therefore, if you want more, let him go and keep swimming; there’s always more fish in the sea. 

Q.  Why are girls so afraid to make the first move? 
 Boy chases girl, girl falls in love, boy and girl get married…end of story. Isn’t that how the old story goes? Women have always been told to wait for the man to approach, wait for him to ask you out, or wait for him to marry you. Well these days, boys are tired of chasing girls and it may be time to switch it up.

As the opportunities grow in America, women are becoming more aggressive and independent, even when it comes to courting their mates. Some girls are comfortable walking up to guys and saying, “Hey, I think you’re cute, want to go out on a date?” There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but most girls are afraid to because it does not follow the traditional story. Most women think that men are supposed to ask them out, but ask any man you know and most will say that they would LOVE for a girl to approach them. I say it’s time to break those old traditions and go for it. If you see a cutie, walk straight up to him with confidence and tell him you like him and you would like to go out on a date.  I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise for him and he will love to know you are interested. Knowing you conquered a cutie will give you a major confidence boost like none other. You can do it! 

Q.  Why do girls speak so badly about the basketball players? 
 Ask the basketball players! *shrugs shoulders.* Seriously, ask them.
Q.  Why do guys always try to “talk” to girls on Facebook, even though they are in a relationship? 
 Does it matter? If you know that he is in a relationship, DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY IDEA OF HIS! Simple as that. Stay your hands out of someone else’s cookie jar. Some people like that extra attention, they may even be looking to cheat…STAY OUT OF IT. 

Q.  Why do females dislike it when you get the dude they wanted? 
Play nice girls! How would you like it if someone stole your future bike? All jokes aside, the point is to have them fighting over you, right? Ignore the drama!

Q.  What’s the best way to make a long distance relationship work? 
A.  ANYTHING SPICEY AND PEACEFUL. By this I mean, plenty of communication. Distance isn’t the only thing that makes the heart grow fonder. So if you and your cutie are miles are part, grab a fun quiz you both can do together, watch a movie while face-timing, read a book together, write each other passionate letters and tell him that you miss him. By the time you are reunited, it will feel like you know that person so much more. Get creative!

Got a relationship question for Miss Lapaix? Leave it in the comments section below!  
Hello, my name is Amy Lapaix, I am a senior, majoring in Communication with a track in Interpersonal Speech and Communication and minor in Gender Studies. I am ALL about Womyn (yes, with an "y"), empowerment, the arts and spreading L-O-V-E. Got a question? Ask your Campus Queen and you shall receive a genuine answer!
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