Ask Danielle: Single Is Good

Dear Danielle: My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of months ago but now we started talking again. He messaged me on Facebook, then we started texting each other and he told me he missed me. I want to get back together with him, but I'm not sure if I should being that he had cheated on me in the past, which is why we broke up. I confronted him about being with another girl and then he claimed that I was being too needy and that he needed space and we had a fight and stopped taking to each other. I still have feelings for him. Should I get back together with him?

Dear Undecided: It sounds like you already know the answer to this question. If you confronted your boyfriend about something that you didn't like and then he broke up with you because of it, then obviously he wasn't the one for you. You should never stay in a relationship with someone who does not value your own happiness. Relationships should be a mutual give-take, and if you're the only one giving, the relationship has to end.  

You cannot rely on a relationship, or a guy to make you happy; guys can sense that, and once they do, they usually will take advantage of that knowledge. Until you're able to live your own life without a relationship, you're always going to have relationship problems. In the meantime, embrace the time you have to yourself and figure out what you really want.

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