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Ask Danielle: To Date or Not to Date

Dear Danielle: 
Ok, so I have a guy friend who I think might have feelings for me. We talk on the phone a few times a day and text each other all the time. I really like him as well, but i am not sure if this is something I’m ready for. I’ve had an attraction to him since about three months ago, but never acted on it, and didn’t want to, but this friendship seems to really be pushing me down a road that I feel has a no U Turn sign in the middle of it. i just don’t want to get into something that will backfire and just be a mistake. I’m going crazy. What should i do?


Dear going crazy: It’s always scary being in a situation like this and not knowing what to do because your afraid of losing the friendship. I believe if the friendship is strong enough…(and it sounds stable) you shouldn’t fight how you feel. Be honest with him and tell him that you haven’t acted on your feelings for the longest time because you care too much to lose her as a friend, and that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. You don’t know how it will turn out. Chances are she feels the same way…then again she may not. Prepare yourself for both. If things turn out rocky then you know that she wasnt a true friend. I know it’s a difficult decision–but I think you should live a little. Passion requires a little risk-taking. 

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