Ask Danielle: 90-Day Rule

Dear Danielle: My best friend and I have a lot in common, but there is one area we totally disagree on—dating. She has her three-month rule, where she will not allow herself to become intimate with the guy she's seeing until after 90 days. I think this is a little much and unnecessary, but she swears by it. What do you think?

Dear Skeptic: My number one rule when it comes to long-lasting relationships is no sex before monogamy. This means that before you and your guy have established some sort of commitment together, there should be no touching below the belt; it'll only complicate things. That said, monogamy can be established after three months, three weeks, or one night.

When it comes to first nights there are two different kinds. As a women matures she is more open to becoming intimate on a first, second or third date. Younger women  sometimes end up waiting even when the time is right, when they don't want to wait because they are usually so wrapped up in what the guy thinks of them and not what they actually feel. In a nutshell, you simply must know who you are, know what works best for you and the person you're dating.  

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