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Why Joining Her Campus is one of the Best Decisions I’ve Made


It’s no exaggeration when I say that choosing to join Her Campus Richmond was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. From working as an editor to a writer to a campus correspondent to a combination of all three, I’ve invested a lot of time into this group, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. If I could give advice to any UR student interested in journalism, communications or a similar field, I would encourage them to join Her Campus Richmond, and here’s why:


  1. The freedom to write about what interests you the most


One of my favorite things about writing for Her Campus is that it gives me the freedom to write about the things that really interest me. From food to fashion to makeup, I really enjoy being able to write about my favorite things every week. For someone who is interested in a career in journalism like how I am, being able to write hard news stories as well as profiles and lifestyle pieces can really help to make your writing portfolio diverse.


2. Access to exclusive events like College Fashion Week and Her Conference


The best advice I can give to someone who joins our team is to take advantage of these opportunities while you have them! Being able to network and have fun at the same time is always a win-win situation, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet Her Campus team members from across the country and learn from them about their experiences.  


3. Getting super close with the team and our chapter advisor


I feel really lucky to be a part of a group where everyone is so supportive of each other! Being a part of Her Campus has allowed me to connect with other UR students whom I may not have met otherwise, and I’m so grateful for this. Your team members are here to help you get better in whatever position you’re in, and they do it in a way that’s so encouraging. Also, your chapter adviser really cares a lot about making sure that your chapter is doing its absolute best, and they are a great resource for anything that you may need! And who doesn’t love team bonding activities, especially when they involve food?  


4. Building confidence in my own work


I personally believe that writing is one of those things where the more you work at it, the better you become. When I first started working for Her Campus, doing interviews made me nervous, and sometimes I worried that people may not like the content I was writing. However, as I published more articles, I was able to become a stronger writer and feel confident that readers were actually interested in what I was saying. After its first semester, Her Campus Richmond received so much positive feedback, and I’m sure that there’s much more to come.  


As Campus Correspondent this semester, it is my goal to make sure that all of our team members love working with Her Campus as much as I have so far. Whether you’re a journalism veteran, a marketing pro or totally new to all of this, maybe joining Her Campus Richmond can become one of the most meaningful and best decisions you make in college too.


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Bri Park


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