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Skincare Review: Freeman Face Masks

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As an avid lover of skincare, I take face masks pretty seriously. I am always worrying about potentially using a  product that may cause a breakout or irritate my sensitive skin. I have combination type skin, so it’s dry all over but oily on my nose and forehead. I often have to use different face masks on different areas of my face to combat my skin issues and keep my skin clear.


These past few weeks, I have been using face masks from Freeman Beauty. Freeman makes a range of face masks all for affordable prices. The Charcoal and Black        

sugar scrub is a staple in my skincare regimen, and I was excited to try two of Freeman’s other masks.


The first one I tried was the Rejuvenating Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay mask. This one is made for all skin types and is meant to exfoliate, detox and clear skin. After putting the face mask on using my mask brush, I let it sit for 10 mins then washed it off. My skin felt soft, and I could notice a difference in my pores. For the rest of the week, my face felt soft and stayed relatively clear. This was my favorite mask out of the two that I tried!


Next, I tried the Freeman Deep Clearing Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil clay mask + cleanser. This mask is made for oily/ breakout prone skin and is meant to nourish skin while purifying pores and controlling oil. I donʼt have many breakouts, so I saved this mask for when I felt a breakout was coming on. Using this mask along with my other breakout treatment did help to diminish the size of my breakout. Itʼs important to have multiple items to treat skin. Since I donʼt have breakouts all the time, I do not really need to use products for breakouts but it is definitely great to have products ready for when I need them.


Skin care is important, and there are so many different options out there. I give the entire line from Freeman Beauty a thumbs up because it is affordable for college students, and it also works well while providing enough options for all different skin types!