The Quality of Leadership

From the beginning of my freshmen year, Richmond has always been a place where I feel like leadership is encouraged by both men and women. Although at times controversial, no one can deny that the coordinate college system enables both men and women to have more opportunities in leadership. I find this quality to be important and beneficial to this school, just as I find friends with leadership qualities to be exceptionally amazing. I met Sarah Jacobson my freshmen year and we talked often about her wonderful experience in WCGA. Now, almost two years later, Sarah holds the important position of Secretary for the women’s government associate here on campus. As a Leadership Studies and Anthropology double major, Sarah is the perfect idea of a leader and is well-rounded in her interests. I have admired her brave leadership qualities for some time, so I asked her a few questions:


Alyssa Joyce: How has WCGA impacted your time here at U of R so far?


Sarah Jacobson: WCGA has made me realize that student government is so powerful especially at a small school such as Richmond. I never ran for student government in high school because the boys always won and I was pretty intimidated. When I got to campus and saw the WCGA members at orientation, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.


AJ: What is it like to have a leadership role that affects all women on campus?


SJ: I feel very comfortable now voicing my opinions in meetings and all over campus. I find myself feeling passionately about issues on campus and having a lot of empathy for my fellow WC students. I think it has just made me more empathetic, I like to be the liaison for the student body so their voices can be heard by the administration. Being a leader has also made me gain a lot of respect for all that the deans and administrators do.


AJ: What do you hope to see for the school in the future and how do you feel WCGA will help achieve that?


SJ: I know I feel more confident in my abilities to speak up and "lean in". I feel so empowered by other WCGA leaders every week at our meetings and it makes me aspire to do more with my own life. Eventually I want to work for a non-profit and advocate for those who are less privileged in our society. Student government has further clarified that the non-profit sector is for me.


Keep an eye out on this amazing up-and-coming but already very accomplished woman!