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New Delivery Options are Coming to Campus through UberEats

UberEats has finally launched in Richmond, and the food options that deliver to campus have expanded.

Online food delivery has changed the way we order food by allowing consumers to have more choices in a convenient way. For college students, food delivery is an option to get away from the typical dining hall scene.

    Heilman Dining Center is a good place for made-to-order salads or pasta but after a few weeks into the semester, it can get old. There are many food delivery apps in Richmond, but the restaurants that are available to use are often not the most desireable, and tend to all be very similar. It is either pizza or subs, and that is almost as boring as the d-hall options.

    Ginger Juice, Zaxby’s, Hooters and Plaza Azteca are just some of the many restaurants available for delivery from UberEats. Ginger Juice is perfect for breakfast and can be delivered to campus right before class.

    Order an acai bowl like the Morning Matcha with matcha, spinach and cashew milk. For a mid-day lunch, there are plenty of Asian food options such as Bonchon, that are filling enough until dinner.

    Most meals can be delivered within 30 minutes of placing an order on the app. There is a $4.99 delivery charge for all orders made through the UberEats app. Tipping is not necessary, but it can be done through the app if desired.

    The app is very user-friendly and has both vegetarian and gluten-free options. The availability of restaurants is dependent on the address that the food is being delivered to so for anyone living off-campus closer the city, the restaurants may be a bit different from those that deliver to campus.  

    Grab a friend and order from UberEats one day instead of grabbing a bite on campus ! There are various UberEats discounts across the internet for first time UberEats customers, and many of the discounts can result in a free or very inexpensive meal.


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