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Mia Hagerty is Madam President



Everyone wants to know the secret to what lies behind the powerful, always busy, yet always amazing looking people in our lives.


They seem like they can do it all and most of the time, they can. They serve as an inspiration to us all, but it’s also good to know that these outwardly perfect people are just like the rest of us: they are just trying to navigate through college and life too. Over the past year, I have had the honor and pleasure to get to know Mia, who many of you know as the president of Westhampton College. Although she has done it all and is a self-proclaimed “overachiever”, she is one of my greatest role models and mentors. I sat Mia down and asked her a few questions about her life that I haven’t thought to ask myself yet, hoping that it would lead me to find out that she is just as overwhelmed by life as I am. However, through these questions and other conversations, I only realized just how remarkable this woman is. See for yourself!



How has your involvement in Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA) and other activities on campus shaped your time here at U of R?

WCGA is one of the most influential organizations that I’ve ever been a part of. It’s history in women’s leadership and current function as the student government association of over half of the undergraduates on campus still amazes me. I was instantly connected with inspiring upperclassmen as a freshman senator. WCGA gave me something to aspire to as I moved through my years at UR. As the president, I have and continue to learn so much about what it means to be a leader. 


What kinds of pressures do you have to deal with being president of WCGA?

Being the president of an organization that represents the entire student body can really be challenging at times. I always aim to put the interests and opinions of the students first when communicating with administrators and working on projects, but that’s hard because I’m also my own person. In instances where student government has to remain more neutral, I rely on my friends to let me voice my opinion and figure out how to lead the government the best I can. 


 How has your time here at U of R shaped your character/ mindset/ personality?

UR has been one of those places where I’ve been lucky enough to progress intellectually, professionally and personally all at the same time. I used to think that I could only focus on facet of life at a time, but my four years have firmly changed that view. For any first-years reading this, I want to let you know that UR has more than you could ever imagine: caring deans, out-of-this-world dorms/apartments, engaging professors, inspiring peers, and future lifelong friends. I guarantee that if you let Richmond show you how amazing it is, the school won’t let you down. 


What do you hope to find in your future, both near and distant?

I hope that my future is full of new and interesting challenges, and that hopefully, I’ll have wonderful people around me while I’m doing it.


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