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Campus Cutie: Madison Sweitzer

Madison Sweitzer is truly a girl who does it all–she is the 2019 President of the Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA), a fearless tour guide and an active member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. The list goes on.

If you catch her on campus, be sure to say hello!



Name: Madison Sweitzer

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Major/Minor: Double Major in LALIS & International Studies, Minor in Healthcare Studies

Netflix Binging of choice: Currently obsessed with This Is Us

You can catch me on campus doing… Running, studying, at WCGA

I will die without my… Phone, fitbit

Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere around the lake

Go-to outfit on a Monday morning: Anything comfortable for class

Dhall menu of choice: Tie between poke bowls and the soft serve ice cream machine

Thanks Madison. Keep being you!

Isla is a sophomore at University Richmond pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Economics and minors in French and Law. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Outside of being a student, she's a coxswain for the UR Club Crew team, a tour guide, and a lifestyle writer for the Collegian. She can appreciate a good cup of coffee, and she is a firm believer that pilates, in fact, did change her life.
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