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6 Dress Styles for Pig Roast

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Richmond chapter.

It is that time of year again, where you are checking  the weather app, finding a suitable, cool rain jacket if necessary but most of all, finding the perfect outfit for the infamous all day party; Pig Roast. An excuse to buy a new dress is always needed, but the style of dress can be pretty repetitive. Here are some options for if you are feeling a little outside the box this year :  

Embroidered Denim

This neckline is so trendy right now and although denim is our favorite, it is jazzed up enough by the little detail at the bottom. 

Asymmetric Hemline 

Florals, spring. I know I know, but this hemline really does make this dress so much prettier. Pair it with some sandals or rain boots, depending on the weather and you are ready to go. 

Strapless Dresses 

This style is so summery, and is especially good if you want to do something fancy with your hair. 

Darker Color

Who says that you have to wear floral or pastel? If darker colors are your thing there are plenty of cute, day appropriate dresses out there. The neck and tassels pull this dress together for a darty. 

Alternate Sleeves

Similar to an asymmetric hem, asymmetric sleeves give an edge to an otherwise simple and pretty dress. Stand out and be bold! 

So here is some Pig Roast inspiration and a little confidence to dare to be different! 





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