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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Richmond London chapter.

Halloween is approaching, and it’s time to get spooky. The best thing is to decorate one’s house or apartment to always feel the spirit of the spooky season. Many fun and cute Halloween decorations exist, but do you need them all? I’ve compiled a list of Halloween decorations you need for Halloween this year and in the future.   

Giant spider on spiderweb:

This is a perfect entryway decoration for those not scared of spiders. This combination will create the creepiest vibe for friends and family that you bring over (especially the ones who are afraid!) Now, you can watch with joy as people enter your house screaming. Make sure to get the fuzzy ones!  


Everyone has seen the 20-foot skeletons people have in front of their house, but they aren’t always affordable. Skeletons are a necessary decoration, though. Get a smaller personal one to five-foot skeleton that you can put on your couch, name Reginald, and offer tea when you are alone or bored. With Reginald, you can show your friends that you are not going crazy as you have full-on conversations with them during your Halloween party. And since they are smaller, they are portable so if you are not having a Halloween at your place, you can always bring them to someone else.   

Feet and hand garland:

For people who don’t like chopped-off limbs or feet, this one is not for you. This garland of hands and feet is the best way to make you look scary. For only £11.99 at The Range, people can think you are a pro at decorating but don’t keep them up year long, or people will start to think they are real.  

Skill-shaped mug, wine glass, and shot glasses:

This trio of glassware will improve your holiday spirit. The power you will get from holding the cup with a skull will double tremendously as you look over your peers with their basic glassware. The three are sold separately, so you can pick and choose which ones you want in your house, and if you are feeling extra spooky, you can get the skull-shaped bottle.  

Webbed tablecloth:

A cute tablecloth turns an ordinary table into a cute, spooky one. It’s good to bring out in any situation that you want just a tad spookier. It is a lace cloth, so it will bring a Morticia Adams vibe to the table.  

Classic Cobwebs:

The classic cobwebs are always essential. The day that these get discontinued from life is when the world ends. These will always be the best part of decorating for Halloween. If you are feeling extra spooky, you can always add tiny spiders to the mix.  

Web tote bag:

A tote is excellent for the girlies who want to take the spooky season with them all year. This bag is cute enough that no one will bat an eye when you walk down the street in October or May.   

Ouija board platter:

Try not to summon spirits with this platter that looks almost like a Ouija. This board is perfect for displaying Halloween candy, spilling fake blood on, and passing out drinks. Remember to not make the spirits mad as the Celebrations box gets passed around.

Black and gray skull throw:

This Black and gray skull throw is the perfect all-year-round spooky blanket. The pattern blends enough with the background that you don’t always tell it is themed. This blanket will also keep you and your house guests warm when unsure if you want to turn your heating on.  

Skeleton body lamp:

A skeleton body lamp is the perfect purchase for people who love Halloween. It adds enough flare to the room you put it in that any other decorations you have can be used elsewhere. This lamp will last you decades of fun for Halloween, and you can have it all year!  

Have fun decorating! 

Mercedes "Rainey" Tapia Hajeski is the Chapter Correspondent of the Richmond London chapter. She is in her final year majoring in Communications: Media and is also the President of the schools Communications Society.