10 Apps We're Loving Right Now

Just in case your phone wasn't already distracting enough.

  1. 1967 Vintage Filters — each filter evokes its own distinct ~aesthetic~, but 2nd Street is my personal go-to
  2. ASOS Shopping — the Style Match search feature is a total game-changer for online shopping
  3. Aura Mindfulness & Meditation — equipped with 3-minute daily guided meditations, a gratitude journal, and mood tracking
  4. Browsery by Barnes & Noble — receive personalized book recommendations even when you can't make it to a physical bookstore
  5. Color Therapy Adult Coloring — new stress management techniques are always welcome, tbh
  6. Dark Sky — hyperlocal weather information with down-to-the-minute forecasts
  7. domino Home Decor — discover your interior design personality
  8. Etsy — the perfect source for unique Mother's or Father's Day gifts
  9. Groupon — coupons + spa treatments = contentment
  10. POPSUGAR — much like Her Campus, a lifestyle media publisher designed to serve young women

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