When Tragedy Strikes: My House Didn’t Have WiFi for a Week and I Basically Almost Died

As long and laborious as this title is, I found it necessary to describe the despondency I endured the past week of my life. Everything you are reading above is true—a tale of suffering and loss experienced over a course of seven days and nights. If you should ever find yourself in such a dire situation as the one I detail above, I have compiled a list of ways to entertain yourself. Fortunately, I have WiFi back now, but retrospective prayers are accepted.

1. Download all the free HGTV episodes off of iTunes

Not to brag, but this was actually a pretty good idea on my part…like…MAJOR shout out to iTunes for providing options for peasants such as myself. Of course, there aren’t only free HGTV episodes, there are other shows, but wow, do I love a good “Love It or List It”. Anyway, this list is all downhill from here, this was by far my best alternative during the seven day hiatus from Internet.

2. Save your HW until you get home…so you can have it…for entertainment…

I am in two classes that give a HEFTY amount of reading (like, HEFTY, and I’m not used to it #businessmajor) (also, anyone have any extra printing money?). Instead of being proactive/responsible and getting my reading done ASAP in the library after class, I saved my reading for the later hours of the night…to do in bed…to keep myself busy… (this is what desperation looks like)

3. Read a pleasure book

Look, I love reading, but when I already have to read 908340392 pages for school (see sentiment expressed in above section), I’m not really trying to read more…but I did spend about ten minutes trying to read Mindy Kaling’s autobiography for the 7th time. Which is a great book, but I’ve just read it so many times, and in general, my eyeballs are beginning to roll back up into my head every time I see words printed on a page.

4. Use up all the data on your family plan to access social media on your phone, so then your dad can text you and be like “Yo, stop”

This happened. My father was not into it. I do feel bad about that, but the reality is I have no self-restraint when it comes to Instagram. If I don’t look at a meme every half hour, I start having physical withdrawals.

5. Go on a run

Bleh. This was my least favorite. I think I would have rather just laid in my WiFi-less bed staring at my WiFi-less ceiling at my WiFi-less house.

I hope this never happens to you. <3


Photo Credit: GIPHY