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Style Icon: Claire Adams ’17

Her Campus Rhodes (HCR): When did you feel yourself starting to develop a personal style as opposed to following trends or dressing how others wanted you to dress?

Claire Adams (CA): Probably early in high school! I remember buying an arm band from Hot Topic that had neon stars on it (electric blue, hot pink, and bright green wow), and I wore that thing to death even though I knew my mom hated it. I would say that my first attempts at developing personal style were in rebellion to wearing short-sleeved collared shirts and Bermuda shorts. I loved pairing that arm band with a neon graphic tee and a zip-up sweatshirt with Mario & Toad on either side. Dang, I was cool.

HCR: Can you describe your style to me?

CA: I’m not sure if I really have a specific ~style~! I love layers and ridiculous accessories. Maybe a bit of 90’s ski lodge?

Pastel Crayola sweater (UNIF) ft. a fun pin from San Antonio; Black skinnies (Madewell); Short navy rain boots (Hunter)


HCR: What/who are your style influences or icons?

CA: Iris Apfel (go watch that documentary on Netflix!!), Arden Rose (YouTube), Zoella (YouTube), and Poppy Deyes for sure. Also, a bit of my mom when she was 22.

HCR: How do you decide what to wear every morning?

CA:   My first concern is comfort for sure. And the weather. After that, I’d say it’s whatever my mood is that day! If I’m feeling dreary, I’ll probably wear something less colorful and vice versa.

Levi’s denim jacket (thrifted); black skinnies (Madewell); Chacos; brown purse (Fossil)


HCR: What are your must-have fashion items?

CA: I never leave the house without my rings or earrings! I love small details like those even though you can’t see them most of the time. I think they’re really personal.

HCR: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is trying to find their personal style?

CA: Experiment! And buy what you like. Style is personal expression, so have fun with it!

Green grandma jacket (thrifted); Black mock-neck sweater (H&M); Denim button-down skirt (H&M); Grey tights (Madewell); Navy rain boots (Hunter); Fun belt (thrifted); Striped infinity scarf (American Apparel)


HCR: And finally, what is the worst fashion mistake you’ve made?




Hi! I'm Sarah Johnson, and I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rhodes! I am a senior at Rhodes from Little Rock, AR. I am a Music major, I am a Research and Writing Fellow in the Curb Institute and I sing in the Women's Chorus. In my spare time I like to sleep, eat various snack foods, and watch beauty bloggers on YouTube. My main area of expertise is fashion. My personal style is definitely on the hip side of things, and my pattern of choice is stripes. Thirfting is my number one passion, and I hope to never pay full price for an item of clothing until I can actually afford it. I’ve recently noticed that I almost exclusively wear neutrals, which I am trying to remedy with the purchase of color, but it’s not working very well for me. I hope you all enjoy the articles I write and remember to always be cute!
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