Spring Is The Best Season and Here's Proof

Up until about two weeks ago, I had forgotten what a blue sky looked like. I had forgotten what it feels like to leave my dorm without having to bring a sweater “just in case it gets cold outside.” More than anything, I had forgotten what it's like to walk around campus and not be in a sad, dreary gloom every day. After all, gray skies and stone walls don’t bring out the best vibes.

One weekend after leaving Memphis for a mere two days I arrived home to… blue skies! and green trees! and flowers and cherry blossoms! I had come home to spring! Ever since the arrival of the warmer weather and signs of life in nature, we can all leave the seasonal depression we’ve been in since October and focus on why spring is the best season of them all

Warm Weather

This one comes as a given, but spring is the perfect mix of not too hot and not too cold, which is a hard combination to come by in The South™. Gone are the days of being bundled up, dashing from building to building trying to avoid the cold.

Spring Fashion > Fall Fashion

This could definitely be a controversial topic, but the world can be divided into groups: spring fashion and fall fashion advocates, and I’m firmly a spring fashion advocate. With the warmer weather comes jumpsuits, pastels, sundresses, and shorts. Give me those over a pair of jeans any day of the week.

Longer Days

Who actually likes it when it gets dark at 5 pm? Anyone? With spring comes longer days, meaning more time and motivation to enjoy the day.

Spring in Memphis

One of the things that I’m still discovering is that there's so much to do in Memphis in the spring! The Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday morning, it’s perfect weather to go on walks in one of the many beautiful parks in the city, and the Mississippi River provides the perfect scenery for a picnic! Use the city to your advantage!

There's Nowhere to Go but Up

With spring comes finals season, but it is also an indication that summer is right around the corner. It really can only get better from here, right?