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Rhodes Hackathon Creates and Innovates

The Rhodes Entrepreneurship Club, joined by Choose901, sponsored and supervised the RhodesHacks event this past weekend that took place on the Rhodes College campus. The event was kickstarted on the evening of Friday, September 23rd at 7pm by the President of the Rhodes’ Entrepreneurship Club, Nick Parinella and faculty supervisor, Bud Richey. The event ran for a total of 21 straight hours until 4pm the next afternoon of Saturday, September 24th. There were four different universities participating: Christian Brothers University, Lemoyne-Owen College, the University of Memphis, and Rhodes College students themselves. These students teamed up to solve problems, such as data management, distributed mentoring, pharmacy delivery, and curriculum sharing for Memphis nonprofit organizations within the community. It was a tech-based innovation competition to build creative apps and software within a limited amount of time. The four teams presented their accomplishments and achievements that were made in that past 21 hours on Saturday at 4pm.

The #RhodesHacks1 statement for 2016 is “Tech.Design.Service” because this event was orginially founded to encourage talented students within the Memphis Community to collaborate and create solutions to problems that are significant and that can have a meaningful impact. The word Tech relates to how the students are building and creating physical tech-based software. Design relates to how the students are breaking down complex problems and taking the necessary parts to build a solution in a creative and innovative way. Designing this solution for a nonprofit will require strategic thought and will contribute to their hackathon experience. Service relates to how this event is contributing heavily to improving the Memphis Community and how these students are putting active service at the forefront of their motivation.

Do you think you could stay up for a full 21 hours to build something that would further better the Memphis Community? RhodesHacks would applaud you for it! #RhodesHacks    





Lindsay Gess

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