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Nikki Glaser: A Comedy Show to Never Forget

This weekend, my best friends and I decided on a whim to get in the car and drive four hours to St. Louis to see female comedian Nikki Glaser. If you have not watched her comedy special on Netflix, go watch it immediately – it will change your life. The first time I watched it, it was a rainy October day, and my friends and I had just finished binging Disney Halloween movies. We put it on as background noise as we all got to work on our homework; within minutes though I was on the ground laughing. Glaser’s stand-up comedy tackles some of those obscure and taboo topics and is certainly a little on the dirty side. 

            A few weeks ago, we found out she was going to do two shows in St. Louis, which is just a few hours north of Memphis, and who doesn’t want to get out of town for the weekend? Yesterday morning, we packed up the car and drove up, excited for the show. We went to the late show at 9:30 and let me tell you, I was laughing so hard I was crying within minutes. Glaser’s opening comedian, Andrew T. Collin, really hit it off. Then, Glaser, a native of St. Louis, really just went above and beyond, maybe it was that hometown vibe. She let the audience know her parents had come to the earlier show and she had told her father to just go to the bathroom and stay there so she could be uncensored. In the 9:30 show, her ex-boyfriend and his father were in the audience, which she really just let us all enjoy. Props to that guy though, he deserves it. Glaser’s theme last night was how much being a woman sucks and how dumb it is women have to look hot all the time… which I mean, she’s not wrong. She focused on how women are always expected to look their best and it’s such a time-consuming process. Her content last night was straight fire and 10/10 would recommend seeing her!

            The one thing I learned from the past 36 hours, 8 of which I have spent in a car, is go out there and live life. Make those spontaneous trips. Drive 8 hours round trip to see that concert. Make memories. And also watch Glaser’s Netflix comedy special. You won’t regret it!

Favorite Quotes from Last Night: 

“I’m funny because I’m not as pretty as I want to be”

“I’m such a yappy twat. I’m such a yappy broad. I’m too loud”

“I just want men to go to therapy so bad”

“Men are disgusting”


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