Letter to my Future Self

**This is a letter for those who are too hard on themselves and need a bit of appreciation**

Dear Future Self,

   How are you, girl? I know you are busy saving the world or rather, let us be real, NETFLIXing. I am writing to you from your first semester, freshman self: bearing gifts coated with advice and hope. I know you think it is not necessary for me to remind you of how tough it was your first semester of college, but I know you better. And, IT IS important to see where you have been and where you are going.

   Without further ado here are some of your hardships. Firstly, you moved away from home, left your friends and family behind and most of all you came to know full understanding of what it's like to be on your own.  Right about now, you are probably hitting yourself for having confessed to these emotions on paper. But, I think this is very important to acknowledge and release, from where I am sitting maybe a few months or years from now this moment will be romanticized and you may forget how tough it was initially to acclimate to your new surroundings. We both know you felt prepared but who can actually be fully prepared for the huge milestone you have embarked on.

  You should be incredibly proud. You got the scholarship that put you on the road to college. You are the first of your family to go to college. You have proven to your family that you have what it takes to be out of state, on your own. And, most importantly, you have proven to be responsible enough to take care of yourself and your day-to-day expenses and routines.

  No one can deny it, it has been hard.

  You have had thoughts in which you believe you failed your parents and your friends back home. You have had moments where you have beaten yourself up too hard: naming yourself dumb, stupid, incapable or insufficient. You have even thought about quitting, but despite it all, you haven't. You have proven to yourself and others how strong, willful, and brave you are. 

  You have what it takes to acquire your dreams and become a professional at whatever level you desire. Those setbacks are only as important as you make them, and in the moment, they served as the fire to mold you into becoming a better person. It will be hard work, but what isn't? It makes the goal all the more worth it!

   Please, remember that you are an intelligent human being, and if a grade, a time or a relationship is making you doubt your capabilities, you will get through. I'll let you know that years from now, maybe where you are now, that won't be what's important, it’s the fact you grew and stuck with it! Your perfectionist ways may be your Achilles heel, but turn it on its head and remember it can be a positive thing to get you through and beyond college. I love you! I know you'll make me, Mami, and Daddy proud! You are amazing! Make today and the rest of the days to come one for the books!


Your past self!