Inevitable Things that Happen at Every College Graduation

It is about three weeks away. Some of us are panicking. Some are sad to part ways with friends. And some are ready to move on to start their adult lives. No matter what category you fall in, we all have a few last events to come together as a class- the most important being Commencement on May 13th. Here are a few things to look forward to during the ceremony that will definitely occur.



Three words: Pomp and Circumstance. You probably will remember it from high school graduation. It is the theme song to every graduation procession. Get ready to hum it for days following.

It is unavoidable; whether we are in Fischer Gardens or in the BCLC you will over heat in the gown. That is why the school provides fans disguised as programs. The only ~cool~ aspect of the gown is that you might feel like a Hogwarts’ student.

One of the speakers will say that the “Class of 2017 is among the top classes to graduate from Rhodes”. They definitely say that about every class. Sorry to break the news.

Someone’s parents will embarrass him or her by using their huge iPads to take photos, blocking the view of people behind them.

With a class around 500, someone’s name will be mispronounced.

It is finally your moment. Time to walk across the stage and receive that piece of paper worth thousands. Unfortunately someone will trip. I hope its not you!

It has happened before and will happen again: someone will blast an air horn after their graduate is called up. Prepare your ears.

Which way do you move the tassel again?

So.Much.Clapping. May I suggest soft clapping as if you were at the Master’s to save your hands.

Concluding the ceremony, you will most likely throw your cap up in the hair in celebration. You probably won’t end up with the same hat you tossed up.

Lastly, you will see Instas for dayzzzz. Our campus does have so many beautiful backgrounds for photos. But your Instagram feed will become a monotonous montage of grad photos.


All of the above are bound to happen. Look out for all the items on the checklist in order to keep attentive. Public Service announcement for seniors: Remember to pick up your caps and gowns Wednesday May 10th.

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