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How to Style Mom Jeans

Hi everyone!  Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things in the whole world: mom jeans!  Mom jeans originally came out in the 1990s, and were worn by mothers because they were more flattering than the low-rise jeans that were trendier at the time.  However, since they were mostly worn by mothers in an attempt to flatter older figures, they weren’t worn by teenagers or young adults.

Lately, mom jeans have resurfaced as a trend in some alternative culture, mostly in the Tumblr community.  Mom jeans are less fitting in the leg area than most high-waisted pants, so they are more comfortable without passing into boyfriend jean territory, which also have a looser waistline.  Mom jeans are a great way to combine a nicely fitted jean with something more comfortable than a skinny jean.  They are mostly more casual, but they can be dressed up if you buy them in a darker wash, without rips, or just add dressier accessories. 

Today I’m going to show you three different ways that I have worn my mom jeans, because they are such a statement piece that can be hard to style at times.  I own two pairs, but the pair I will be styling today are Levi’s from a Goodwill.

#1 Crop Tops

The go-to for me when I wear mom jeans is to throw on any crop top over it.  Crop tops are easy to wear with any high-waisted pant because they won’t get in the way of the high rise of the pant, and you don’t have to worry about tucking in a longer shirt.  Here I pair my mom jeans with a striped crop top, a grey blanket sweater, a statement necklace, and some chunky platform boots.  Heels are great to wear with mom jeans because they elongate your legs even more than the mom jeans already do. 

#2 Tie up tops

A great way to wear button-up shirts with mom jeans is to tie the tails of the shirt above the waistline.  It gives your outfit a retro vibe and is more relaxed than tucking in the shirt.  In the case of my elephant-print button up, it is way too big to be tucked in effectively, so tying up the bottom is a great solution.  I finished up the look with my Doc Martens to maintain the relaxed feel of the outfit. 

#3 Tuck in sweaters

If it’s too chilly for a crop top and you want to wear a thin sweater with your mom jeans, your only option is to tuck it in (unless you can somehow knot it.  I’ve never been very good at knotting sweaters).  It wouldn’t be a great idea to try to tuck in a thicker sweater since the bulge of the sweater would show through the pants, but mom jeans are pretty good at camouflaging the bulge of a thinner sweater, like this yellow star-printed one.  I finished the look off with a nice belt and my Frye boots to dress up the jeans a little bit and add some height.

I hope these outfits give you some inspiration to try out a pair of mom jeans.  They are very flattering jeans for almost any size, and they definitely aren’t just for moms anymore!

Remember to always be cute!

Hi! I'm Sarah Johnson, and I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rhodes! I am a senior at Rhodes from Little Rock, AR. I am a Music major, I am a Research and Writing Fellow in the Curb Institute and I sing in the Women's Chorus. In my spare time I like to sleep, eat various snack foods, and watch beauty bloggers on YouTube. My main area of expertise is fashion. My personal style is definitely on the hip side of things, and my pattern of choice is stripes. Thirfting is my number one passion, and I hope to never pay full price for an item of clothing until I can actually afford it. I’ve recently noticed that I almost exclusively wear neutrals, which I am trying to remedy with the purchase of color, but it’s not working very well for me. I hope you all enjoy the articles I write and remember to always be cute!
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