Halloween Costumes For When You're Ballin' on a Budget

We all know that feeling: It’s 8 pm on Halloween, you’ve had exams and papers galore, and have had no time to think to a costume. Frantically, you google “halloween costumes I can make in five minutes”, only to realize they all require a trip to the store, and money you don’t have. Well, you’re in luck! Here are five simple, cheap costumes that you can put together in five minutes or less.


Three Hole Punch

Take one from everyone’s favorite paper salesman, simple is better and costumes are expensive. Throw on some sweats and a tshirt, slap three black dots on your chest, and there you have it: a three whole punch

Paper for the hole punch: That one notebook for that one class that you don’t know why you bought a notebook for

Bonus: If you want to get really creative, use a red shirt and call yourself a three whole punch stuck in jello. If you know, you know



There’s a reason this is one of the most overdone, yet always appreciated costumes. Almost everyone has a black shirt or a black dress to add to the ~spooky~ factor of a cat. If not, let go of the stereotype that you have to be a black cat and throw on some clothes and paint some whiskers on your face

Black Shirt: Probably in your roommate’s closet

Cat headband: Take some paper from the binder you used for the hole punch and make ears

Bonus: Try and pair up with someone who’s being a three hole punch for a #cute couples costume


Hermione Granger

The Gryffindor robe I bought for my costume eight years ago was probably the best purchase I’ve ever made. This will always be my go to costume, and it’s probably made an appearance about eight times since it’s genesis when I was in fourth grade.

Gryffindor Robe: Target, baby

White tee shirt: Again, probably taken from your roommate

Plaid skirt: That one girl down the hall who for some reason has one of her old high school uniforms with her

Wand: A stick fallen from the trees in front of Williford and Robinson

Bonus: This costume is a great idea on those days when the Tennessee humidity is really getting to your hair. Hermione Granger, inspiring girls with frizzy hair everywhere



Admit it: we all have that fanny pack hiding in the back of our closet. Don’t hide it. EMBRACE THE FANNY PACK. Especially for this costume! What could be easier than a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, socks and sandals, and a fanny pack?

Hawaiian shirt: Your dad’s closet that you probably borrowed for a high school pep rally

Sandals: Those ones in the back of your closet that you’ve never really worn, but don’t feel like donating

Fanny Pack: Ask any girl on campus, and I guarantee they probably have one of these bad boys hidden in the depths of their closet

Bonus: Have some dad jokes on hand to really embrace the tourist personality!


Girl Who Just Got Back From A Sleepover

I won’t lie, my creativity when it came to costumes definitely peaked around 4th grade, as this was my costume for many costume parties in 5th grade. It’s a double-sided costume: where comfort meets cheap.

Pajamas: your closet!

Bonus: This is a great costume if you want to save time after coming home. Instead of falling asleep in an uncomfortable costume because you were too lazy to change, you can now fall asleep in your own pajamas. It’s a win-win!