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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

1.     Time to make my debut in the Paul Barnett Library for the first time this entire semester.

2.     Barrett*. Whatever.

3.     Ugh. This carpet is going to make me an epileptic.

4.     Oh there’s a cubicle—

5.     Just kidding there’s a backpack. And some leftover Lair. And some Doritos. And 3 Vente coffee cups. And a blanket. And…oh…it moved.

6.     There’s a human under there.

7.     All right then. Moving along.

8.     I’ll just sit at one of these tall chairs with the computers.

9.     The lighting here is TERRIBLE.

10.  If I wanted to study in a cave, I would’ve…I would’ve…

11.  Well, that’s just it. No one wants to study in a cave. The age of the Neanderthals has passed.

12.  Like, 892347230948 years ago.

13.  Not that Neanderthals can study. Or like, do anything.

14.  Besides invent fire for the entirety of mankind.

15.  Guess I’m moving again.

16.  There are literally no spots on the entire first floor…

17.  Maybe I should go do some laundry.

18.  Nooooo keep looking for a spot, you need to study. You can give up later.

19.  Second floor, here I come.

20.  I’ll check in the Periodicals.

21.  I just sneezed and was greeted with death glares.

22.  I’m just gonna go………….

23.  Sorry I have allergies……………

24.  Oh! Star room. That place is kinda cool.

25.  At least I can get an Insta out of it amiright?

26.  …but there are no spots. Naturally.

27.  Is that a tent…?

28.  Someone brought a tent. Oh my gosh. There’s a tent in the star room. Someone pitched a tent in the star room.

29.  I feel uncomfortable.

30.  Leaving.

31.  There are these red couches over here…I guess I could chill here…

32.  Ooh. Bouncy. Bouncy couch.

33.  Wait…are there legitimately not any outlets here?

34.  This is getting ridiculous.

35.  I really need an outlet. Like, since I have a laptop…

36.  How am I supposed to watch Net—write my paper if I can’t use my laptop?

37.  Third floor it is…

38.  Where even are the stairs to the third floor…?

39.  Ah. Here we go. Not where I expected them to be.

40.  Is the temperature…getting colder as I go up…?

41.  It’s really quiet up here.

42.  And really cold.

43.  Is that someone wearing a parka…?

44.  I’m kind of freaked out.

45.  Am I allowed to breathe up here? Will they hear me?

46.  They hear me. They definitely hear me. They know I’m here.

47.  They’re going to drag me into a study room and hold me hostage.

48.  I’m leaving.

49.  I’m leaving and never coming back.

50.  Netflix > everything