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Coming Back From Spring Break as Told Through the 5 Stages of Grief

Stage 1: Denial

Haha, no :) I don’t have homework :)  All I have to do with my time is scroll through vacation photos on Instagram :)  Look at everyone, having a good time because it is definitely :) Still :) Spring :) Break :)


Stage 2: Anger

But like what kind of nasty ridiculous human assigned work over break?? What has to happen to a person to make them so viciously evil that they think I’d do work over my break??  I’ve literally never found myself cursing someone’s entire existence, family, and ancestors before, but then again, I’ve never gotten this much work over break before.  

Stage 3: Bargaining

Well, if I just stayed in bed, maybe the college will feel extra bad for me and let me stay there until Easter.  Or, if I cried in front of my professor, they’d let me off the hook from my paper!


Stage 4: Depression

It’s probably not healthy for people to cry this much.  Would failing out or dropping out be easier at this point.  I haven’t showered for several days and I’ve been eating ramen because I can’t handle the despair of even walking by the dining hall.


Stage 5: Acceptance

Time to slide sweatpants on and crawl back to the library.  Welcome back.

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