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The Cold is Here and It’s Time to Gear Up

Everyone is aware that it is already fall, yet somehow, I was completely thrown off when the temperatures started dropping last week. I guess I was just living in a delusion that the cold was not coming. I have no answer as to why– other than that I am nothing but a fool, who refuses to accept that the northern hemisphere of the globe begins to tilt away from the sun at this time of the year. And unfortunately, there’s no stopping this inevitable cold; the only thing us mortals can do is gear up against it with nosewarmers, of course.

Credit: Nose Warmer Company

I mean, just look at how stylish these accessories are. They even come in all sorts of colors, and you can get them in faux fur, fleece, or wool. Imagine the possible outfit combos. You’ll be the talk of the town. And if you really want to go the extra mile for warmth, you can pair your stylish nose warmer with some microwavable slippers.

Credit: Walmart

Will I be purchasing either of these items? Probably not. But will I instead be purchasing an Embr Wave Bracelet that sends hot pulses to the skin and tricks the mind into thinking it’s warmer? Also, probably not because it’s like $300. However, if you have cash to burn, then go for it. After all, according to the Embr website, the bracelet is “powered by patent-pending technology that uses cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely engineered algorithms to produce maximally effective temperature waves.” I mean, all that went over my head, but it sounds like it’s probably worth those bucks and will make you feel warmer.

Credit: embr

But if you’re stingy like me, instead of buying some fashionably warm fall accessories, you can always let a heart-warming memory warm your body because science says that works. Some studies even suggest that simply watching, reading, or hearing about a heart-warming tale will do the trick, too. What a perfect excuse to watch a cheesy Hallmark movie and feel no guilt for enjoying every predictable moment. (By the way, Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas started on October 27, which is perfect for all your warming up needs.)

But then again, who am I to assume that you enjoy Hallmark movies? Maybe The Shining warms your heart, or maybe, you even enjoy being cold (that’d be the true horror story). So do whatever you got to do as it gets colder–whether that’s buying some nifty nose warmers and microwavable slippers or getting in touch with some nostalgia or evem embracing the cold for the terrible beast that it is.  


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