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Coffee Needs a Substitute!

It seems that in college, everyone turns to coffee as their drink of choice. It’s affordable (unless you are an avid coffee drinker that absolutely must have that Venti Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and shell out multiple bucks for one cup of coffee) and it contains caffeine, which is essentially, every tired college student’s best friend. It’s easily accessible (hello, we have a Starbucks on campus) and with those treasured $100 worth of Lynx Bucks we are given at the beginning of each semester, coffee becomes a necessity.

College is when the healthy habits tend to die out. We eat out a lot more, we spend more time studying than exercising, and let’s face it; we’ve all experienced the Freshman 15 due to these habits.

You may be thinking, “I’m in college. Who cares about health? YOLO.” But, there’s a better way to get your caffeine fix in another way. What’s that solution? Think about drinking tea!

Let’s think of it this way. Instead of going to the Middle Ground to get those sugary coffee drinks, substitute in tea. Why?

  1. Tea is cheaper than coffee at the Middle Ground and in general as well
  2. Tea is pack full of health benefits
  3. Tea comes in a large variety of flavors to match your unique palette
  4. Your body will thank you later
  5. Crash me not!

Now, we can’t entirely rule out that coffee is bad for you. Because it’s not. However, with our tendencies to consume specialty coffees with extra foam, sugar, flavoring and toppings, you slowly climb up the mountain of unhealthy and unhealthier coffee. With tea, what you need to be careful of is the caffeine content because although you need some caffeination, too much caffeination is a big no no. That’s why we advise you to buy teas with just the right amount of caffeine in order to avoid violating our big no no.

Always as a rule of thumb, moderation is key!

Priscilla is a senior at Rhodes College, a liberal arts college located in Memphis, TN. She intends on majoring in Commerce & Business and minoring in International Studies. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief & Her Campus Rhodes Campus Correspondent. In addition to working on the Her Campus Rhodes team, Priscilla is a sister of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, Rhodes College Diplomat, Rhodes Activities Board representative, and a Rhodes Peer Assistant. She loves flowers, hiking, cooking, music, hanging out with friends and exploring good Memphis eats!
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