Campus Cuties Pets Edition: Meet Clio!

Meet Clio! 

Name: Clio "Kika" Preiss

Owner: Rosalia (formerly known as Raffalia) Preiss 

Animal Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat 

Age: 22 months, but she's only been chilling with Rosalia for a year and 8 months. 


What are her favorite foods? Other than her normal kitty food she enjoys sliced turkey, kale, and any bug she manages to catch. 

Scratching posts or furniture? I bought her a scratch post but she prefers the brown armchair. 

What's her favorite thing that you do? I feed her, that's definitely a favorite thing. Oh, I also let her come in the shower with me. 

Long walks on the greenline? Alas, we have tried to get her on a leash but she refuses to move when its on!

Red or white wine-- or is she a catnip kind of gal? Clio has been known to knock over my cups and drink from them, so there's a decent chance she's developed a taste for a Pinot Grigio. 

Do you think she knows she's a cat? I think she's very aware that she's a cat, and believes it makes her superior to us humans. 

Tummy rubs or head scritches? Head scritches for sure. 

Do you know if she has all 9 lives? Given that she's made a couple escapes from our home into the big scary world, I'd say she's got about 7 of those 9 lives left. 

Where's her favorite place to cat nap? Clio's favorite places to sleep are the brown armchair (duh), under Emily's covers, or my pillow. 

Does she bring you presents? Given that the presents she would bring me are probably dead cockroaches, I'm pretty glad that she hasn't. 


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