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Campus Cutie: Robert Stodola


Name: Robert Stodola

Year: 2019 - Sophomore

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Campus Involvement: Sophomore Class Council VP, SRC, PA Leader, Pike, Rhodes Diplomat, First Year Experience Seminar TA 

Relationship Status: Single (The world is my oyster. I’m just looking for a pearl) 

HCR: So tell us about your first kiss. 

RS: Oh wow this is a bad one. So it’s the spring of my junior year of high school. Now, I know what you’re thinking—that’s pretty late for a first kiss. But if you knew me at all during the prime first kiss years of Middle School, then you would have known the chubby, long haired, and very awkward Robert Stodola that I guarantee you wouldn’t have wanted to kiss. But anyways, I took this girl I had a crush on to the city’s river park near the train tracks and asked her if she wanted to climb into one of the boxcars. After convincing her we weren’t gonna get in trouble, we climbed inside the boxcar and sat down for a while. Now, I should’ve kissed her then, it would have been way more romantic. But instead, I waited until I drove her back to her house and panically kissed her as she was leaving my car while the song “Barracuda” by Heart was playing in the background. 

HCR:  If you could replace one arm with anything what would it be?

RS: Definitely a slinky. I would never be bored again.

HCR: Favorite chick flick? 

RS: Dolphin Tale 2

HCR: Fave Memphis date spot? 

RS: A drive-in movie theater that’s showing Dolphin Tale 2.

HCR:  Who would play you in a movie about your life? 

RS: Nathan Fillion. If you know who he is you just became one of my favorite people. 

HCR: What's one thing  you wish people knew about you? 

RS: I can do a pretty killer Mickey Mouse impression. 

HCR: What song is currently your guilty pleasure? 

RS: Disturbia by Rihanna, although I wouldn’t call it guilty of anything except being the greatest song ever written.

HCR: Go to Lair meal?   

RS: Of course the burrito bowl with avocado ranch, but you gotta be careful. It makes a great take out meal, but a horrible pre-makeout meal.

HCR: And finally, I'm sure our readers are dying to know. Are you currently crushing on anyone? 

RS: Yeah! I do have a Crush, but I prefer Fanta. 

Mary Sanderson AKA Sary Manderson
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